Introducing the renovated mat|r viewer

You will love mat|r viewer innovations! Thanks to its new UX/UI design, you will be able to:

  • Easily access your profile and select the organization you are participating in.
  • Explore organizations, projects and applications without difficulty.
  • Select your favorite apps or those you have been working on recently for a faster access.
  • Make use of dev functions with diverse options which are there to help you during the development of your application.

If you haven’t download the tool yet, don’t wait any longer! With mat|r viewer, you can immediately see everything you develop in mat|r and try it in the iOS and Android compatible platforms.

Remember that having an account in the mat|r platform is required to log in. If you don’t have an account, create one here.

You can log in with your account information and access organizations and projects you are working on to visualize your apps.

Once you are in, the QR code scan function allows you to enter your application in a faster way. There, through a ‘shake’ gesture of the device, access the menu with several options that could be helpful when developing the application. You are able to:

  1.    Remove all encrypted chains stored at the application local storage by the broker.localKeychain.* service.  
  2.    Remove all data stored in the device through the application by the broker.localPersistence.* service.
  3.    Remove all persistent data in the cloud by the broker.cloudPersistence.* service. This change will affect all the application users who try to access the erased data.

4.    Complete the application view and go back to its detail view at Mat|r Viewer.




Accede ya a Google Play y Apple Store y actualiza la aplicación.