What we learned from TC Disrupt SF 2018

What we learned from TC Disrupt SF 2018

by Claudio Marrero

A few weeks ago, it was announced that mat|r would attend one of the most important
technology events of the United States: TechCrunch Disrupt 2018. That week was so
intense that, nearly a month after it, we can devote some time to let you know all about
the event.

Startup Alley, the place where dreams meet the investors who can make them true,
was full of startups willing to prove they are capable of changing the world. This
constant atmosphere could be sensed during the three days TechCrunch Disrupt was

As an Argentine Startup inside Silicon Valley, one may imagine a certain feeling of
inferiority in relation to the locals, as there is a widespread -and wrong- belief that the
next unicorns will be born only in that valley. Surprisingly, a great number of Startups
go through the same problems and have to overcome similar obstacles, where the
market forces affect everyone equally and cause instability in even the most solid

For the mat|r team that works hard day after day, this meant we are on the right track
and that the last three years of effort have not been in vain. Confirming that our vision
is practically one-of-a-kind, but it is also within the framework of the market trends,
makes us take the next step confidently and motivates us to go on and beyond.

At the event, the team was in contact with many people: attendees interested in using
our product, companies willing to encourage possible integrations and investors who
showed enthusiasm in different fields. Each one of them had a very specific opinion
and point of view of our product, but everybody agreed on the fact that mat|r’s goal and
future vision was one of the most innovative aspects they had seen at TechCrunch
Disrupt this year. This demonstrates we are doing something well.


Take a look at some images of the event: