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When a human or a machine makes a change to a Mat|r model all the apps generated from that model can update themselves automatically. No human mediation needed, no redeploy or push to store. It works with human or machine input, so you can use this patented technology with or without AI.
Code, Collaborate, and Share
The Mat|r development environment is built for real time collaboration and frictionless sharing. You can import libraries into your app with no configuration. You can follow, like, comment on, and rate shared code. Mat|r makes it a snap to create and manage virtual teams. Cloud-based collaboration will eliminate the inefficiencies of siloed knowledge and exponentially increase your productivity and reach.

It’s Not a Product,

it’s a Movement

Mat|r is open source and open spec. It’s simple semantics, sdks, and APIs make it easy for developers to extend and improve the platform. Anyone can add Mat|r support to any current or future device, OS, or platform. You can create re-usable applications and libraries and share them within your organization or with the world. A future proof platform enabled by a global open source community.


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The Mat|r team on Mat|r

A technical overview of Mat|r from the developers who built it.

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