Summer of Code, the summer workshop you cannot miss!

We are pleased to announce our partnership with GoSchool for this action.


GoSchool is a service to improve and speed up the academic management, communication and access to information of the education community. The platform has educational clients with technological orientation throughout Latin America. We are going to launch the Summer of Code together with them. The students from all those schools can learn how to develop applications for Android and iOS in this workshop.


Our mobile application development platform makes it easier for colleges and universities to be an active part of digital transformation. Programming is an intellectually challenging activity. It involves a wide set of activities that helps to train different ways of thinking.


Web and mobile applications have quickly become critical assets for schools and universities in order to remain competitive. Nowadays almost every job is directly linked to the use of technologically advanced tools.


Schools and students have the continuous challenge to adapt to new paradigms that arise in a meteoric way in the information processing.



Why should you learn how to program with mat|r?


Mat | r is a web platform and it is not necessary to install anything. The student can access at any time and from any computer to move forward in their learning process.


In less than a day you can develop an app quickly. The aim and main target of mat | r is to be able to offer a tool that allows to diminish the learning curve related specifically to times and complexity.


Students will learn with Mat|r the same concepts and paradigms that are handled with other modern languages. Flow management, conditional logic, classes and objects.



Goals of Summer of code goals 


  • Acquire knowledge of programming suitable to software development.
  • Apply the acquired knowledge to develop applications.
  • Create and publish high-quality, low-cost applications at Apple and Google stores.



Target groups

High school students between 15 and 18 years old.




Pre-register on the web page:

Students should not have anything installed, they should only create an account in mat | r and in the academic platform.



Workshop organization


It is an online free training. It starts on 21 January and it ends on 28 February.

The methodology is very simple. Once the students leave their email address, they will receive an email with the registration to the workshop. They will have access to online videos to advance in the training during 6 weeks.

The student will have access to 4 modules. Throughout the program, the concepts and functionalities of the platform will be taught as they develop an application. The application is a Game: Treasure Hunt.

The student must also create an account at in order to complete the practical part of the training.

Once the workshop is finished, the student will receive a Certificate by mail.


Learning a new programming language is usually full of frustrations, but mat | r script facilitates the development of applications for devices, so be brave, register now and experience this Summer of Code: