Learning to develop applications with mat|r script

Mat|r academy introduction


Developing applications for different devices is a growing field in high demand.

Learning a new programming language or the way a new platform is used by means of an auto didactic method tends to be filled with frustration. However, mat|r script facilitates the development of applications for devices.

Developers can quickly learn how to use the platform with mat|r Academy.


All this courses are available in Spanish.




Why should I learn how to use mat|r?


Mat|r project is a web platform to develop apps. It has its own code, which is easy to use and learn: an application can be developed in less than one day. Besides, the platform offers the advantage of trying the app in a mobile device, either Android or iOS.

The cost of developing in mat|r is low not only for the short time in which it can be done, but also because it just requires one developer with no experience in Android or iOS to code the app. This means that only one programmer can develop native apps for two operating systems. This allows the developers to build their careers and boost their incomes considerably.


Mat|r academy purposes


Gaining programming knowledge which can be applied to the development of applications.

Applying the acquired information to the creation of apps.

Being able to create and publish high-quality, low cost applications at the Apple and Google stores.


Target audience


Webmasters, web programmers, web designers.

Engineers and computer analysts, entrepreneurs of new technologies projects.

General public that is interested in taking their first steps into mobile applications.




Any person who wants to enroll on the courses can do it, as mat|r is very easy to learn.

It is not required to have anything installed. Just create an account in mat|r and in the academy platform.


Teaching-learning methodology


The methodology is pretty simple. Once the users have registered at mat|r academy , they will have access to the videos and will be able to progress depending on the time each learner has.  



Throughout the course, the concepts and functions of the platform will be taught and explained while developing a game application: Treasure Hunt.





Game: Treasure Hunt



Over the years, an isolated town away from civilization has preserved a tradition:  when reaching the end of their reign, the leaders of the village travel thousands of miles to get to the big cities and hide their crown there. That who first finds the crown shall be named the new leader.

This tradition has changed little by little to turn into a game which thousands of people take part in daily with great passion.




The players will be able to create treasures and hide them somewhere in the city by using maps. Besides, they can participate in other players’ treasure hunts by looking for them just using the distance between player and treasure as a guide.  Whenever a player gets closer to a treasure, the distance decreases and this will be the perfect guide to find all the treasures and be on top of the winners’ chart.


Code sample




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