About Mat|r

Mat|ris a new way to develop applications that combines few lines of codes, collaboration and reuse in a very user-friendly environment. It allows you to create an app within a fraction of the time that it would take you using other traditional languages.


Mat|r Script is a high-level programming language, very easy to use and learn. After going through some quick tutorials, you will see that by defining experiences and rules that react to change, you will be able to create an application in a very short time.


Mat|r Scriptincludes several native functionalities of the supported platforms. For example, adding a map, accessing the camara or sharing images, are just some of the actions that you will find are very simple to use and you can have them working very quickly.


Mat|r relies on its own solution for persistence on the cloud. This means that the models that your applications use can be persisted and exchange among the different users with no extra effort other than the one needed to model your application.


Mat|r was designed from the onset for collaboration: you do not need to write everything from scratch. In Mat|r Hub you will find a complete centre of social development. The developers publish and share their applications and components, which you can easily import and speed up the development of your own applications.


With the tool Mat|r Builder you can give your applications a more professional appearance. Besides, you can make the most of the selection of pre-established themes that combine colors and formats created by experienced designers, to add style to your screens in a very simple and quick way.


Remember that everything that you create can be instantly seen working on all compatible platforms. Mat|r is currently supported by the two main mobile platforms, iOS and Android. Web and other environments will be available soon and many others will be added by the community and Mat|r team.


You can download Mat|r Viewer right now and test your Mat|r apps:

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